Friday, January 10, 2014

I don't believe in a State Patrol like that!

The State Patrol I believe in would never do anything like this!
A parable:

I wish there were no speed limits on the interstate highways. The highest speed limit there is in Tennessee in 70 mph. Someone once told me that if the limit was raised to 80, people would drive 90.

"That's okay," I replied, "as long as they move over when I want to pass." I lived and drove for three years in Germany, where there are no speed limits on almost all the autobahn. I am quite comfortable driving 130 mph or more and am undisturbed at the idea of other drivers doing so, too. It's not a race, it's just transportation.

However, I have not been driving in excess of the speed limit because I know that the Tennessee Highway Patrol is lurking out there. I have been quite sure that eventually I would get radar tagged and arrested, maybe even as unpleasantly as the young man in the photo above. So I have been as law-abiding a driver as you can find.

But recently it has come to me that I have been a sap. I think now that I can drive as fast as I want on the interstate. Because, after all, I am a good driver. I am not hurting anyone. I am not making anyone else drive fast. So now if I want to drive 130, I will.

Wait, you protest. The THP is still out there and they are still going to slap cuff on you when they catch you!

I am unworried about that because, you see, I have decided that I just do not believe in a highway patrol like that. The highway patrol I believe in is kind, loving, merciful, gracious and just wants me to be happy. And if it makes me happy to drive 130, then the THP is quite okay with that and will bless it. The THP likes me the way I am. And if the way I am is at 130 mph, the THP, being compassionate and caring, likes me still.

I think we need to move beyond all that talk about the law and punishment. We need to focus on how we can find self fulfillment in doing what comes naturally to us. I feel that is best. And I know the THP does not object because (as I said) I am a good driver and I feel that is right.

Don't you think so, too?