Sunday, June 30, 2013

Syrian "rebels" slaughter Catholic priest

Christian martyrdom is not only an ancient phenomenon.
On Sunday, June 23 the Syrian priest François Murad was killed in Gassanieh, in northern Syria, in the convent of the Custody of the Holy Land where he had taken refuge. This is confirmed by a statement of the Custos of the Holy Land sent to Fides Agency. The circumstances of the death are not fully understood. According to local sources, the monastery where Fr. Murad was staying was attacked by militants linked to the jihadi group Jabhat al-Nusra.
Father Francois Murad,
martyred in Syria
This  was a deliberate attack and targeted murder. The jihadists (read: al Qaeda) brutally beheaded Fr. Murad and posted  an explicit video of the killing. More info: Syrian Jihadists behead Catholic priest

This will not deter the Obama administration from pushing ahead to supply military assistance and materiel to the Syrian "resistance," which is completely dominated by al Qaeda. In fact, Secretary of State John Kerry has already pushed for the United States to directly bomb Syrian government targets.

 Helping the Syrian rebels would be like helping Frank fight Jesse over who would run the James gang. The murder of this priest is a tiny harbinger of the kind of bloodbath to come if the Assad regime falls.