Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Kids begging their parents . . ."

Kids begging their parents to go to church beats parents begging their kids to go to church. Invest in your family ministry environments. Chad Ward, UpStreet director at one of the North Point campuses shared this. So true. Get the kids, and you’ve got the parents.
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To which I would add my own observation: out of 100 married couples, if the wives join a church about 20 of their husbands will join, too. But if the husbands join, at least 80 of the wives will. 

Why does Church seem much more inherently attractive to men than women? It is not because men are somehow less religious than women - synagogues and mosques are full of men, who also occupy most to all the leadership roles. 

Maybe there are so many "church widows" because for several decades most mainline Protestant denominations, through their seminaries, have presented Christianity as rather effete.