Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Austrian Church's race to the bottom

I have just learned that Catholics in Austria (and perhaps elsewhere in Europe) occasionally hold a "Western Mass." What's that, you say? No, despite its name, it's not a celebration of the rich history of Western culture, faith and reason that was cradled in Europe. Not at all. It's a Mass where the communicants pretend to be Americans in the American Old West. Or something. So as the priest preaches or consecrates the Eucharist, the worshipers drink beer (well, it's Austria) and smoke cigarettes at picnic tables. They even eat barbecue, or whatever Austrians think Old West barbecue might be. But that's not the worst part, no sirree, Bob. It is this, grabbed from the video also posted below:

Words fail me now. Let's go to the tape.


Is the American Church immune from such travesties? Not on your tintype!

"Nymphette Mass" - I kid you not.
And roll tape again:

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